V.r. Mr. Swihota (Sparkasse Deggendorf, chairman of the working group school-business), Mr. Altmann (District Office, Regional Management), Fr. Dengler (authorized signatory, Hacker Feinmechanik), Mr. Fischer (Mayor Offenberg/Neuhausen), Mr. Sibler (District Administrator Deggendorf), Mr. Watzl (Managing Director Hacker Feinmechanik), Mr. Moser (Mayor of Metten), Mr. Sitzberger (teacher middle school Metten), Fr. Nagerl (Kommissarische Schulleitung Mittelschule Metten), Hr. Sandweger (career counselor AfA Deggendorf), Mr. Steinhuber (principal elementary and middle school Wallerfing), Mr. Gruber (instructor Hacker Feinmechanik) with the students of the secondary school Metten.

Festive start to the project day

High-ranking guests from the region visited Hacker Feinmechanik GmbH to kick off the new cooperation project with the Metten secondary school. Managing Director Gerald Watzl and authorized signatory Mona Dengler presented the current training situation in the company. They pointed out the difficulties in recruiting trainees and presented their own training workshop. The newly developed project with the secondary school Metten was presented by Mr. Sitzberger.

Cooperation agreement

The aim of the project is to strengthen the cooperation between the school and the company, which should serve as a better orientation for the students. In addition, the students learn more about the apprenticeship as an industrial mechanic through the project day and learn how to apply mathematics in practice.

Congratulations from the district administrator

Solemnly signed Mr. Watzl and Fr. Nagerl the cooperation agreement between Hacker Feinmechanik and the secondary school Metten. Bernd Sibler, District Administrator of Deggendorf, welcomes the cooperation and wishes all the best.