The Environmental Pact of Bavaria is the successful model for cooperative environmental protection. It recognizes the voluntary commitment of Bavarian companies to corporate environmental protection and sustainable business practices.

The Bavarian Environmental Pact is an agreement between the Bavarian state government and Bavarian industry. Voluntariness, assumption of personal responsibility for environmental protection, and cooperative action have been part of the basic understanding of the character of pledges and declarations in the Environmental Pact since it was first signed in 1995. Behind this is the shared conviction of government and business that the natural foundations of life can be better protected with the help of voluntary and reliable cooperation between government and business than with laws and regulations alone. With exemplary and joint projects of government and business, the Environmental Pact is intended to make visible that economy and ecology are not opposites, but together contribute to securing jobs and prosperity in an intact environment.

Hacker Feinmechanik has been a member of the Bavarian Environmental Pact since 2007 and has once again submitted a new project for evaluation.

This commitment was rewarded with the current certificate in February 2021.